Podcasts are the most important work in media today

We make sure you are rewarded for the value that you provide the world

You have put everything on the line building a powerful platform. We want to help you reap the benefits of your hard work. Apply below today.

We Represent Podcasters who… 


Want to monetize their platforms without losing integrity for their audience.


Are a creative force and have spent countless hours building meaningful content that has amassed a strong and powerful audience. 


Do not need to be negotiating, managing, and cold calling brands that your audience will resonate with.

We have helped increase the revenue of top podcasters by six figures, made the entire monetization process seamless, and provided value to loyal fans across the world.

What we offer…

Work with Modern Stoa

If you have 20,000 downloads or more per episode and are ready to automate your monetization process so you can focus on creating meaningful podcasts apply below.

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Marketing and Monetization Strategy Call

We have helped podcasters build six-figure businesses, grow massively, and launch strong. If you are interested in a Marketing or Monetization consultation book a call below.

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Learn with Modern Stoa

If you are just getting started and hungry to learn. We podcast and write about the importance of podcasting in the media space, how to monetize your podcast with integrity, and how to grow your podcast. Read the blog and join our newsletter.

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Stop wasting your time arguing with brands.

How to work with

Modern Stoa 

Step 1

We are very selective with who we work with. Before applying, make sure you have 20,000 downloads or more per episode and are ready to automate your monetization. 

If you feel like you are a top 1% podcaster, but haven’t reached 20,000 downloads per episode set up a marketing call. 

Step 2

If you meet the criteria above and are ready to automate your monetization, submit an application to work with us. Our team will review your application with 24-hours. 

Step 3

After reviewing your application we will reach out to you to get started if you are a good fit. 

Focus On Creating Important Work.

Automate Your Monetization Process

You can trust us to optimize your monetization process. We make it seamless for you so you don’t waste your most precious resource on annoying emails, petty negotiations, and scheduling issues.

Work with phenomenal brands

We work tirelessly to find brands that your audience will love. Keeping integrity in your endorsement and providing real value to your audience.

Be Rewarded for Your Value

You have built a powerful force for good. Media is the trickiest and often most compromising business model in the world today. We make sure you are rewarded for what you provide without feeling compromised in your integrity.

Relentless Creator Focus

We are your biggest fans and loyal team members. We will only make decisions that give you the ability to create uncompromisingly. You built your audience. We make sure that they are treated with integrity.

Aligned Incentives

All contracts will insure that our incentives are aligned with you, the creator. Not with the brands we work with.

Network of Podcasters

We are building the most impactful network of podcasters. A true community to help us understand and create in the constantly changing landscape of podcasting. 

Work with us and focus on creating important work.



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