Fundamental Health talks with wildlife biologist and TV Star Forest Gallante, Kyle Kingsbury brings Fundamental Health host Paul Saladino on as a featured guest

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In the hyper-competitive setting of the podcast world today, nailing big guests has become a necessity for success. From reality tv stars to global figures, our podcast partners have provided their listeners with some of the most interesting stories from some of the most interesting people. Paul Saladino of the Fundamental Health podcast has hosted hundreds of interesting guests, and even featured on the Kyle Kingsbury podcast as a guest himself. One of Saladino’s recent guests was world-famous wildlife biologist Forrest Galante. Kyle Kingsbury also brought Paul on his show to discuss the ancestral way of looking at health and more.

Fundamental Health Podcast with Paul Saladino

In episode 205 of Fundamental Health Paul Saladino sits down with Forest Gallante. Forest Gallante is a conservationist, explorer, and host of the TV show “Extinct or Alive.” In his interview on the Fundamental Health podcast, he discussed his passion for saving endangered species and his efforts to promote sustainable living.

Gallante talked about his childhood and how he was inspired by nature documentaries to become a conservationist. He explained how he approaches his work by combining scientific research with exploration and adventure, and he shared some of his most memorable experiences in the field, including searching for extinct animals in remote regions of the world.

Gallante also discussed the challenges facing the environment today, including climate change and the loss of biodiversity. He emphasized the importance of taking action to protect the planet and the need for individuals to make small changes in their daily lives to promote sustainability.

Throughout the podcast, Gallante shared his insights and experiences from his work in conservation, offering practical advice and inspiration for listeners who are interested in making a positive impact on the environment. The podcast can be found here Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD: 205. Secret diets across the world with Forrest Galante on Apple Podcasts.

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

In the Kyle Kingsbury podcast episode with Paul Saladino, the two discussed the carnivore diet and its potential health benefits. Saladino is a physician and advocate of the carnivore diet, which involves eating only animal products such as meat, fish, and eggs, while avoiding all plant-based foods.

Saladino explained the rationale behind the carnivore diet, citing research on the benefits of high protein and low carbohydrate diets for weight loss and blood sugar control. He also argued that many of the health problems associated with modern diets can be attributed to the consumption of processed foods and plant-based toxins such as lectins and phytates.

Kingsbury questioned Saladino on the sustainability and ethical implications of the carnivore diet, expressing concern about the environmental impact of meat production and the welfare of animals. Saladino acknowledged these concerns but argued that sustainable and ethical farming practices exist and can be supported through informed consumer choices.

The discussion also touched on topics such as the potential benefits of organ meats, the role of gut health in overall wellness, and the importance of individual experimentation with diet and lifestyle choices. While acknowledging that the carnivore diet may not be suitable for everyone, Saladino emphasized the potential health benefits and encouraged listeners to consider incorporating more animal products into their diets.

To listen to the episode click here Kyle Kingsbury Podcast: #280 Paul Saladino aka Carnivore Doc on Apple Podcasts.

To learn more about the Fundamental Health and Kyle Kingsbury podcasts check out the links below.

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