Podcast Research 101: 4 Tips for Quick and Easy Preliminary Research

by | Mar 23, 2023 | blog, Podcast Monetization

There are over 500,000 active shows on Apple Podcasts alone (2021 Podcast Stats & Facts (New Research From Apr 2021) (podcastinsights.com). This includes podcasts in over 100 languages, tens of millions episodes, content created in dozens of countries and endless opportunities for growth in nearly every field. This sizable number helps teachers teach, helps businesses grow, helps advertisers advertise and much more. Looking for valuable podcasts can be difficult though. Today we’re going to cover some basic tips that anyone can use in navigating through podcast platforms. These tips can be useful for hopeful podcasters, brands looking to advertise, entrepreneurs looking to learn and more. I will focus on Apple Podcasts today, but most platforms operate similarly. 

Be Careful Simply Browsing

The Browse tab can be a great place to start for curious listeners, but it can get a bit overwhelming. The app recommends shows, reveals top charts, categorizes shows and simply displays a variety of podcasts under the browse tab. For someone looking to find a new podcast to binge or just to kill time, this could be a great tool. But for those looking to monetize, grow and learn there are much more efficient ways to utilize podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts. 

Search by Category

Searching by category is one of the best ways to find what you are looking for. On Apple Podcasts categories can be found under the search tab. This way of searching allows you to eliminate unwanted distractions, like on a test. Everyone knows teachers use dummy answers to fill multiple choice tests, so the best way to eliminate those is to simply cross them out. Searching for podcasts already sorted by category allows you to do this. A startup supplement brand would likely be looking to work with a health and fitness podcast, so there is no reason for them to browse through a random assortment of shows. Simply click on one of the categories, and you will discover a variety of subcategories. Big businesses would likely look at top shows with the most downloads, while others may be looking for a very specific subset of a category like Improv under the comedy section. 

Use Show Notes and Reviews

Show notes give a brief description of what the podcast covers and will typically have a unique description for every episode. Show notes give insight into the topics covered, the guests that come on the show, and often provide valuable links. The links in the description show what brands the podcast works with and often link you to their social media accounts and websites. 

Be Selective, but Explore Many Options

Podcasts can provide valuable knowledge if nothing else. Listening to tons of podcasts about the same topics can waste time though. There are many resources that provide summaries of podcasts, their audience, the number of downloads and other bits of information. Here Health and wellness, entertainment and intellectual discussions: Learn more about our fantastic podcast partners – Modern Stoa you can easily find information about our podcast partners. 

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