Q2 2023: Top Performing Podcast Genres for Advertising

by | Aug 31, 2023 | blog, Podcast Monetization

Welcome to our quarterly review, where we delve into the data and insights from the past three months to identify the top-performing podcast genres for advertising. Understanding these trends can provide valuable insights for advertisers, helping shape successful marketing strategies.

True Crime:

Continuing its reign at the top, the True Crime genre has once again shown exceptional performance this quarter. With its captive, engaged audience, True Crime podcasts offer advertisers a powerful platform to reach passionate listeners.

News and Politics:

In an era where staying informed is crucial, News and Politics podcasts have seen a surge in listenership. They offer advertisers access to a mature, educated demographic keen on insights and information.

Health and Wellness:

The Health and Wellness genre continues to perform well as listeners prioritize personal wellbeing. These podcasts cater to an audience that is interested in improving their health, fitness, and overall quality of life, providing ample opportunities for relevant brands.


Business podcasts have consistently shown strong performance. The audience is often composed of professionals and entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and insights, making it a ripe avenue for B2B and tech-oriented brands.


Comedy podcasts offer a unique mix of entertainment and engagement, with a vast, diverse listenership. It is a versatile genre for advertisers, accommodating a wide range of products and services.

Please note, while these genres have shown significant success, the best advertising strategy always aligns with your specific brand and target audience. It’s essential to consider who your customer is and where they are most likely to engage. Stay tuned for our next quarterly review for more insights and trends in podcast advertising.

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