What advertisers consider when searching for the podcast that’s the perfect fit

by | Mar 20, 2023 | blog, Podcast Monetization

The term perfect fit is often used to describe a couple who are happy together, a food combination that stands the test of time, or when you find the perfect pair of shoes. But in the podcasting world a perfect fit can be found between brands (advertisers) and podcasters. Finding a perfect fit requires research, but it can drastically improve efficiency, profits and brand recognition. So, what do advertisers look for in podcasts when determining which podcasts are the perfect fit?


The first consideration for advertisers is the audience demographics of the podcast.

Advertisers want to ensure that the podcast’s target audience matches their own target audience. For example, if an advertiser is promoting a product for young adults, they would look for podcasts that cater to that demographic. Advertisers typically analyze the podcast’s audience size, age, gender, location, and interests to determine if it aligns with their target audience.


The second consideration is the engagement of the podcast’s audience. Advertisers want to ensure that the podcast’s audience is actively engaged and interested in the content being presented. Podcasts with high engagement rates tend to have listeners who are more likely to take action after hearing an advertisement, such as making a purchase or visiting a website. Advertisers will typically look for metrics such as the average number of downloads per episode, the number of subscribers, and the number of social media followers to gauge engagement levels.


The third consideration is the cost of advertising on the podcast.

Advertisers need to determine if the advertising costs are within their budget and if the cost is worth the return on investment (ROI). Some podcasts charge a flat rate per episode, while others charge based on the number of impressions or clicks. Advertisers will typically compare the cost of advertising on different podcasts and select the one that provides the best ROI for their advertising budget.


The fourth consideration is the podcast advertising network. Advertisers can work with a podcast advertising network, which acts as a middleman between the advertiser and the podcast. The advertising network can provide advertisers with access to a larger pool of podcasts, which makes it easier for them to find podcasts that match their target audience. Advertising networks can also handle the advertising placement and monitoring, which reduces the workload for the advertiser.


The fifth consideration is the podcast advertising platform.

 Advertisers can also use a podcast advertising platform, which is a self-serve platform that enables advertisers to create, manage, and track their podcast advertising campaigns. These platforms typically provide advertisers with access to a database of podcasts, which they can filter by audience demographics, engagement levels, and advertising costs. Advertisers can also track the performance of their advertising campaigns and adjust their advertising strategy accordingly. 

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