Building Brand Awareness Through Podcast Advertising

by | Nov 5, 2022 | blog, Podcast Monetization

The term brand awareness gets thrown around very loosely by marketing people in today’s world. But what does it really mean? Building brand awareness means expanding a brand’s reach, but the term is not limited to only recognizability. Increasing brand awareness also means building a more constant base of customers that trust the brand for who they are, and in turn convince others to do so. The relative importance of word of mouth advertising in our technologically driven economy is the prime example of why trust is pinnacle. When people hear an honest review from others that they trust aren’t lying to them, they are much more likely to believe in whom or what they’re hearing.

Podcast advertising is one of the most trusted forms of digital media advertising. Obviously all advertisements are ultimately trying to sell some sort of good or service, but it is important to frame advertisements in a manner in which the goal is brand awareness rather than simply “here is my product, buy it for this price.” Ads run on podcasts are often ready by the hosts, who the listeners have a much greater tendency to trust.

The Importance of Trust and Reliability

Studies conducted on the effectiveness of podcasting advertising in the last 12-24 months have found that podcast ads are now the most recalled type of advertisement. Additionally, over 50% of listeners in many concurrent studies have stated that they would recommend a product they found as a result of podcast ads. The personability of the podcast world gives creators a chance to create tight knit communities of listeners, which is why they trust the advice the podcasters give about products (ads). When men listen to Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” and hear him raving about the new Manscaped Razor 4.0, they think to themselves, if Logan Paul uses one why shouldn’t I? This creates an opportunity for brands to leverage the reliability of podcasters among their loyal listeners.

Creating brand recognition rapidly

The beauty of podcasts is the broad accessibility of them. Any one with internet access can listen to a podcast of their choice at any time…At the gym, on the way to work or while doing chores around the house. The easily accessible nature of podcasts brings about a wide range of listeners, consequentially bringing in a variety of brands that utilize podcasts as a primary advertising stream. Through podcast advertising brands can reach a lot of listeners in short periods of time. By targeting ad campaigns towards certain listening demographics brands can also begin to establish loyal customer bases.

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