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Impaulsive is a globally top-ranking podcast hosted by Logan Paul, Mike Majlak and George Janko. From social media personalities to stars, the trio has become well known in the podcast world. With a variety of guests and topics covered, Impulsive has become one of the world’s most sought after podcasts. To learn more about working with Impaulsive, click here now. Impaulsive Podcast Contact Form – Modern Stoa (

JPReacts and AwakenWithJP

Comedian JP Sears is the creator of both JPReacts and AwakenWithJP. JP Reacts- The purpose of this channel is for you to have fun (and possibly get angry!) as you watch videos with me while I react, calling out: absurd woke BS, the unbelievable lies and corruption of tyrants, and highlight the work that other awesome freedom fighters are doing. And hopefully this leaves you even more inspired to stand for freedom everyday. AwakenWithJP- I’m a comedian and freedom fighter. Free Speech and Fun are what I stand for. JP Reacts Contact Form – Modern Stoa (

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast is a health and wellness podcast with the goal of helping listeners improve their bodies and minds. Kyle Kingsbury interviews athletes and fitness experts about dieting, exercise and ways to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Kingsbury has years of expertise in the fitness industry, and has recorded hundreds of episodes. To work with Kyle today click here. Kyle Kingsbury Podcast Contact Form Template – Modern Stoa (

Mike Drop

Retired Navy Seal Mike Ritland hosts what he calls a “not so politically correct” show discussing a range of topics from guns to food. Ritland talks with military colleagues, politicians and podcast hosts like Modern Wisdom’s Chris Willliamson. Mike Drop has achieved a near perfect rating of 4.9/5 stars on Apple podcasts. Click here to work with Mike today.Mike Drop Podcast Contact Form – Modern Stoa (

Modern Wisdom

Chris Williamson is a seasoned podcast host. Modern Wisdom has seen guests like Dr Jordan Peterson and, most recently Andrew Schulz. Williamson describes his podcast as simply “life lessons from the smartest people on the planet,” which he aims to bring with his guests. Click here to learn more about working with Modern Wisdom today. Modern Wisdom Podcast Contact Form – Modern Stoa (

Wise Traditions

Host Hilda Labrada Gore, aka holistic Hilda, seeks to help her listeners optimize their health through ancient methods. Wise Traditions is sponsored by The Weston A. Price Foundation, and is rooted in living as our ancestors did, holistically. Wise Traditions offers a very unique perspective on health. It embraces alternative healing methods and follows ancient traditions. To work with Wise Traditions click here today. Wise Traditions Podcast Contact Form – Modern Stoa (

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