Social Media: a valuable tool in the podcast industry

by | Jan 31, 2023 | blog, Podcast Monetization

They say the best things in life are free… And they are! For businesses and podcasters this adage is especially important. Since the invention of the internet so much has changed in the global economy, and will not cease to do so. One of the most valuable tools the internet has given business in the last decade is social media. At a base level social media is free. Anyone with access can make an account and start promoting their brand and products across dozens of platforms. But what makes a simple and free tool so effective?

Check the Numbers

According to a CNBC article there are over 2 billion Instagram users. That’s roughly 1 in 4 people on the PLANET! Although it’s impossible to access them all, even a miniscule percentage of that number is astounding. Podcasters have begun using Instagram and many other social media platforms to promote their content, establish a following and directly interact with listeners.

Building your brand

For podcasters, social media is a valuable tool to expand your network. Increasing following means building brand recognition, increasing listeners, connecting with great guests for collaborative purposes and much more. Social media allows podcasters to promote their podcast like a typical business. The more people see their brand and recognize it, the more people will begin to listen. People on social media follow what interests them, and this often leads to loyal listeners and even customers. By posting content that personalizes your podcast’s brand, your followers will grow to become loyal listeners. 

These advantages do not solely benefit podcasters. Social media can become an avenue for brands to connect with podcasters who represent similar ideals, which can easily be displayed on social media. Commenting on a LinkedIn post or shooting an Instagram DM can turn into a massive business opportunity for podcasters and brands alike to monetize.

Diversifying Content

Podcasting is obviously audio-driven, but social media creates opportunity for the expansion of content mediums. The short video “reel” style content is being used by podcasters to promote clips from their episodes, which people will watch and often look into the podcast if the clip intrigues them. Visual content, such as YouTube videos of the live recording of podcasts is another way podcasters are personalizing their brand and gaining loyal followings. The various forms of social media content allows anyone to promote themselves in a variety of ways that best align with their brand and their target audiences. Modern Wisdom Clips

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