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by | Oct 20, 2022 | Podcast Monetization

How to Utilize Podcast Advertising:  Helpful Hints and Tips

Advertising in the digital age is highly competitive. Every which way you turn on the internet you’re berated with ads, from video ads to simple one-click ads that take you directly to a company’s website. All of these companies have the same goals: to drive traffic, build brand recognition and reputation, and ultimately generate revenue. So how do brands gain the upper hand? One way is to focus on high conversion rates. Podcast advertising is one of the highest recalled forms of digital media advertising, meaning listeners are more likely to actually click on the ads; therefore generating higher sales conversion rates. Podcast advertising is a very competitive market though, which is why we are going to give you some helpful hints and tips to remember as a brand looking to enter the market. 

Do Your Research

According to Apple Podcasts Statistics – Podcast Industry Insights, there are almost 2.5 million available podcasts on apple music right now. Podcast genres range from true crime thrillers to fantasy football. This insane number provides both opportunity and presents challenges. Targeting to the appropriate audience calls for research to determine what podcasts are most cost-efficient and effective. More listeners might not necessarily mean customers if your brand does not attract the type of listener you are advertising to. The first step in determining which podcast is the best fit is simply searching for podcasts that align with your brand’s mission. When you narrow it down to a few you like, listen to the podcast to gain a feel for their style, and determine if they are the right size to match your financial needs. Being thorough with your research will save you time and money.

Determine which ad type is best for you

The three main types of podcast advertisements are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. Pre-roll ads are played at the beginning of an episode. These are usually more expensive because they are much more likely to be listened to. Mid-roll ads fall in the middle of the podcast, which form a natural break in the podcast. Post-roll ads are run at the end of the podcast. They are the cheapest option, but also least likely to be listened to. Within these categories are different ways to run ads. Pre-recorded ads  are produced entirely by brands and played like a voice over. Live host-read ads are scripts created by brands to be read by the host, which gives an authentic feel. 

Bring in the experts

Because the industry is growing so rapidly, the podcast realm can appear to be a complex place to navigate. This is where podcast advertising agencies can be a game-changer. The experience of an agency eases the process, providing a relief of stress and a higher likelihood of ROI. Modern Stoa Limited wants to help brands and podcasters with these things exactly. To learn more about working with the team, visit

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