4 tips to keep in mind when podcast advertising

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Podcast Monetization

The emergence of podcast advertising as a revenue stream is helping brands build their reputation and create brand recognition quickly. Podcasts as an advertising medium has proven useful for new companies whose marketing is centered around social media. Not only do startups and young companies benefit though. Large brands that are already well established are looking to take advantage of the opportunity as well. All the buzz around podcasting is good for the industry, but it also means competition. So let’s cover some helpful tips on how to advertise on podcasts.

Build a long term relationship with the creator

By partnering with the right podcasters brands can create relationships that are meant to last. Getting to know the creator you are working with helps ensure that you are working with the right people. By building these relationships you can stay up to date with changes in the podcast structure and overall message to align for success. Building a relationship with the creators you work with also provides networking opportunities for the future. 

Find creators who align with your ideals

When determining who to work with, this is essential. Clearly stating your vision and company ideals helps you reach a targeted audience. In order to build the long term relationship mentioned above, you have to establish a message and purpose that drives your advertising campaigns. Podcast listeners are distinguishable by genre, so analyzing the audience by demographics is achievable through a bit of research.

Don’t expect huge growth marketing returns

Podcast advertising provides just as much of a brand marketing return, if not more, than a direct growth marketing return. Podcast listeners are much more likely to remember the content of advertisements when the ads are focused on brand name recognition. Not all listeners are going to become direct customers, but a significant development in brand development can be achieved through diligent advertising.

Think long term

When considering budget, thinking outside of just the current quarterly budget is in play. Podcast advertisements provide long term growth, so they do not always provide immediate ROI. The long game should be the target focus to create sustainable growth.

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